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Anyone who owns a car in Dubai understands what the heat can do not just to you and your family, but also to everything that stays outdoors most of the time, especially the car. If you haven’t considered using a car tint and sun protection yet, right now might be a great time.

Car tinting in Dubai is not only effective and budget-friendly, it delivers a number of excellent advantages, with the most important being full protection from UV rays, and the ability to keep the interior of the car cool and comfortable at all times.  With the best auto tinting Al Qouz has to offer, you not only ensure full protection from sunburn, but also improve fuel efficiency of your vehicles.

Our car tinting deals also include several attractive tinting shades.

Policies for Auto Tinting in Dubai

If you are considering availing one of our attractive car tinting deals, keep in mind that you are only allowed a maximum of 30% visual light transmission (VLT). This unit measures the amount of light that can enter your car.

Also note that you can only tint the rear and side windows of the car, and the front window or windscreen, has to remain totally transparent.

Be careful, because car tinting in Dubai regulations are enforced strictly. Not following the rules may lead to a fine of AED 500, and your car being taken away for a month.

How We Work


Visit us with the vehicles that need tinting, and choose from one of our attractive shades.


We will provide you with a price quotation according to the car model and other needs.


We will complete the tinting process in one day.

Our Testimonials

Their reduced price 3m car tinting deals are excellent for transparent windows. People who drive their vehicles between the hours of 10 and 3 will benefit from a car tint in Dubai greatly.

– Kasper

Many can owners do not realize that window tinting in Dubai also provides protection for your car interior. Car tinting can hold the detailing for longer, and prevent the leather and cabin from fading.

– Natasha

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