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Apart from privacy, window tinting adds elegance and distinction to vehicles, but more importantly it reduces those UAE sunrays shining directly in your face. Tinting can block up to 99% UV rays, which goes a long way in protecting both the passengers and the upholstery. Additionally, the vehicle can experience less interior cracking and fading so if you spend a lot of time on the road in a sunny country like the UAE, it’s a valuable adjustment.

Choosing appropriate tinting becomes the next challenge. We’ve put together some tints for selecting a car window tint that gives your car both style and substance.

Familiarise yourself with the various tinting options

The more information you have regarding car window tinting, the better. As a first step, consider visiting V-Kool, car window technology specialists to get a better understanding of how it’s done.

Tint tier

The tier selection depends on how much you are willing to spend on getting your windows tinted and your usage of the car. Top tier tints are long lasting, more appealing to the eye and generally have a darker tint, remembere not to exceed the permitted tint level of 30% or you may find yourself with a fine!

Consider UV reflecting window tints

UV window tinting helps you keep up to 99% UV rays at bay. UV car window tinting also ensures that the sun’s energy is not trapped in the car. This eliminates the oven effect often experienced if a car stays for long periods in the sun, so your car won’t be as hot when you first enter.

Let the tinting be done by a pro

Only a professional can bring out the unique elegance of a car with tinted windows. Specialist tinting will cost a little more but it’s worth that extra charge for a long lasting, high quality tint.

Know where to tint and where not to

The side mirror, for example, should not be tinted. This also applies to the rear mirror. Lighter shades of window tint will be safer on rear and side windows.

Window Tinting

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