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All car owners dream of keeping their brand new car in the outclass condition it arrived in from the showroom. One of the most effective ways to do this, at least as far as the exterior is concerned, is giving the paint surface the protection and care it deserves.

Car paint protection does a lot more than just give it a new coat and a remarkable shine. It also serves to maintain the surface, and prevent scratches, small dents, paint peeling, and the collection of dust.

Treatments like 3m paint protection and diamond brite paint protection are the market leaders in terms of intensive care for the paint surface.  Small scratches are now a thing of the past, and our qualified technicians are experts in the proper application of these protective films.

Ways of Paint Protection for Your Car

Option 1 Liquid

Our car paint protection Dubai option one is a basic layer that offers excellent protection from daily wear and tear, both inside, and outside the vehicle. The product is meant to resist all of the ugly marks that affect surfaces, including stains and spills. In the cabin, it will make it easier to clean tough greasy stains, and on the paint surface, it will prevent dirt, dust and rain from leaving a single mark.

Option 2 3m Scotchgard

3m Scotchguard protection film is one of the leading products for paint protection Dubai has to offer. It is completely transparent, and extremely durable, and usually attached to all the most vulnerable areas of the car, including the bumpers, doors, and side mirrors. It does a great job of resisting the fading of the paint overtime, leading to great resale value.

Ceramic Paint Protection

Our third car paint protection Dubai offering is a relatively new and innovative method of breathing new life into your paint surface. Ceramic paint protection is a dynamic and increasingly popular option for car owners, and covers the body of the car with a thick coating, making it highly resistant to the effects of the outdoors for years. This coating will resist the damage that would otherwise be caused by acid rain, sand, debris, and harmful sunrays.

Process of Auto Paint Protection


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Our Testimonials

Car paint protection in Dubai is almost essential, because of the intensity of the sun. Their treatments do more than just restoration, and the paint protection film they apply is going to keep the car blemish free for several months.

– Nancy

Paint protection Dubai does not get any better than nano ceramic coating. These treatments use top-notch restoration product, leaving you worry free to drive around even in the desert all day.

– Tariq Masood

Paint Protection

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