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When it comes to buying a car its looks and appearance is as important as the internal body of a car. A car’s paint makes a car looks stylish. This is the reason many companies providing their best services in UAE for protection of your car paint.

Fox auto care paint company is one of the leading companies in giving your car’s paint a complete protection from bad weather conditions. Fox Auto car is mainly famous for its best protection for your car’s paint which is done by experienced technicians.

Types of Ceramic paint protection available at Fox Auto

The company provides different variety of paint protection for your cars after checking the requirements and your car needs.

One-layer Coating

One layer coating paint protection provides your car a high gloss UV protection and environmental conditions which may include bird droppings. This ceramic paint protection lasts up to 6 months.

Three-layer Coating

The three layer paint protection prevent your car from minor scratches. It also provides UV protection and protects from environmental conditions. The three layer protection lasts up to two years and protects your car’s body.

Five-layer Coating

It is the highest level to protect your car’s paint. It can protect your car’s body up to 4 years. It can also prevent your car’s external body from damaging and fading of car’s paint as well as your minor and major environmental damages.

Reasons to choose FoxAuto care services:

  • The staff is highly trained and experienced in providing your car a protection from environmental damages.
  • The Fox Autocare has a very clean area and very suitable for your car to provide the best car paint services.
  • The company uses most suitable products for your cars from different reputed brands.
  • We also offer different other services which include car washing, oil and filter change, tinting and tire alignment.
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