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Having invested in a high-end car, most people look to decorate it with glossy or metallic colors, or a transparent shell coating that provides extra gleam. Another way you can get amazing results is through car wrapping. More than a way to paint your car, it is a method you can use to truly customize the appearance of your vehicle, and make a supreme impression.

Along with a unique design, you can chose to add advertising content, or create a surface that will truly fill the onlookers with wonder.

In this regard, you have dozens of choices from the wrap style gallery, with the most popular ones being finishes such as matte, metallic, chrome, carbon, and pearl. Vehicle wrapping is not just for design enthusiasts, in fact, car foil wrap can also protect the surface of your car.

Kinds of Vehicle Wrapping

Full Car Wrapping

Full vehicle wrapping will transform the appearance and feel of your car, from an ordinary one, to something revolutionary. Car wrapping Dubai will cover the full exterior surface with a sticker layer, which is usually made of vinyl. It is a great choice for car owners looking to shake things up, while also giving the surface better protection than paint alone.

Partial Vehicle Wrapping

Whether a partial vinyl wrap is your ideal choice, or you are concerned about the cost of covering up the entire car, this option can be just as effective as full wrapping when you have expert craftsmen on your side. Making effective use of vinyl wrap cost per square meter, we will work with you to create spectacular results.

Windows or Door Decals

When it comes to using vehicles for advertisements, window and door decal car wrapping is the best option out there. You have a number of options available to you, making it a great choice if you want to customize the graphic content on a limited foil a car price. You can place different content on separate parts of your vehicle, making use of a range of colors, fonts, and graphics.

Magnetic Car Decals

Car wrapping using magnet signs is a cost-effective way to turn the road into your marketing space, without the time it takes to cover a car with vinyl, or the full-fledged car foiling cost. They come in a number of sizes to suit the vehicle, and are super light and ultra thin. Wherever you take your car, they will resist the wind, fading from the sun, and even regular outdoor stains.

Reasons to choose FoxAuto care services:

  • The staff is highly trained and experienced in providing your car a protection from environmental damages.
  • The Fox Autocare has a very clean area and very suitable for your car to provide the best car paint services.
  • The company uses most suitable products for your cars from different reputed brands.
  • We also offer different other services which include car washing, oil and filter change, tinting and tire alignment.

Process of Car Wrapping


Visit us with your car and tell us about the design and vinyl you want.

Design & Printing

The designing stage is the most important when it comes to creating stunning car wraps. Vinyl-lovers from all over the country come to us because of our designing skill.


Our installations have a proven track record of durability and excellent results. Our experience meets the needs of even the choosiest clients.

Our Testimonials

The car wrap Malaysia offers inspired me to get vinyl wrap in Dubai on my car. Must say I am surprised to see an excellent standard of design and graphics.

– Catherine

Car foil wrap can be far more effective in protecting the exterior than other protection, so getting a vinyl wrap in Dubai, which also added the unique appearance was a clear choice for me.

– Lina

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