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Many car owners have at some time or the other been in a situation where they had a flat tire right in the middle of nowhere, or those engine overheating issues came back during the drive.

Whether the problem is mechanical or otherwise, in the modern day and age, you need not worry about this sort of scenario. Thanks to mobile car repairing in Dubai, these are matters of the past.

So when you car acts up while you’re on your way somewhere, or the engine just won’t start, our auto repairing service will get to you, and look at the problem on the spot, until your vehicle is good to go.

Otherwise, we might bring the car back to our facility, where it will have access to the best car maintenance Dubai can offer, and an automobile service advisor.

Available To Assist You And Your Car 24 Hours A Day From Our Central Workshop in Dubai. For More Information?

Our Other Auto Repair & Maintenance Services

Most cars being driven on the roads in the UAE have a bunch of technology in them, along with smart accessories, computers, and wired components. This means quality car maintenance in Dubai needs access to the right expertise, and the latest diagnostics tools and testing equipment. Lucky for you, our car service in AlQouz offers not just routine repair and maintenance services, but also high-end expertise, which will make sure your car is safe for the road, and driving pleasure and smoothness is restored.

Our assistant auto mechanics also receive regular training to keep up with the needs and issues that affect latest powerful and luxury vehicles.

Car Service

Our automobile service advisor weighs in on each vehicle, ensuring we offer quality checking and detect any underlying issues during routine maintenance.

Car Mechanic Repairs

Our car mechanic jobs are based on a thorough inspection, checking major mechanical components, and providing comprehensive repairing work.

Car Parts & Accessories

When old car parts and accessories create issues or show signs of damage, our assistant auto mechanics replace them with mint condition and genuine components.

Car Electric Repairs

Our electric repairing packages offer comprehensive coverage of all electronic components in the vehicle, including lights, AC, battery, and entertainment system, all of which is done in the presence of our automobile service advisor.

Vehicle Test Centre

Our automotive technician jobs include sending the vehicle in for an authorized test, for checking the suspension and all other important car parts and driving performance for road fitness. These are required every three years.

Car Paint Repairs

Our automobile service advisors offer superior car paint repair services, which can dramatically reduce costs by focusing on damaged spots, and using high-end technology for perfect color match. We cover all major issues, including scratches and chipped paint.

Car Body Repairs

With our experienced assistant auto mechanic on the job, our comprehensive body repair packages will rid the exterior of dents and the ugly bumps across the car body.

Car Interiors

Our automobile service advisor knows how much you love the new car smell, and hate the bad odor that accumulates after a few years. Our car interior services use advanced equipment to render your interior back to that super-clean and protected condition.

Roadside Assistance

No matter where in the city you are, our experienced assistant auto mechanics are always there to perform their diagnostics and repairing tasks, and get your vehicle back into running condition.

Process of Auto Maintenance Services

Call / Visit / Roadside Assistance

Get in touch over the phone, bring your vehicle in, or call us when your vehicle stops in the middle of the road.


We will provide you with a quotation as per the repairs your vehicle underwent.


Depending on your needs, we finish the work in a few working days.

Our Testimonials

A reliable car mechanic in Dubai, with the necessary engineering and automotive equipment and diagnostics. Their assistant auto mechanics are qualified enough to also care for luxury cars.

– Nida

I have easy access to their car service in AlQouz, which is minutes away. Their automobile service advisor services are great, since they detect any possible suspension or electronic issues as well.

– Haroon Rasheed

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